Our Solutions

How do we treat the problem?

The best approach is to prevent them in the first place, which is why we focus on proactive measures. However, this is not always possible and in which case we need to provide treatment and control measures. 

How we treat the pest problem depends on the pest and the environment in which they are found. Our focus is always on minimising the risk to non-target animals, while dealing with the primary problem. After receiving the call out, we would assess the risk onsite and deal with it using a method that provides the least amount of distress to the animal. 

Treatment can include:

Removal of animal or habitat, trapping, rodenticides, insecticide spray or dust, proofing with spikes or nets, shooting or fencing out to name a few. We would discuss the options available and agree to the best way forward.

With many pests, treating the problem once doesn’t necessarily get rid of the issue in the longer term. Following on from a treatment we would always recommend preventative care solutions for you to implement, minimising your risk in future.