Our Pricing 

When researching suppliers, I always find it frustrating not to know how much something costs.

With this in mind, I have outlined ball park costs below for regular pest control routines and one-off pest treatments. I have also explained what the key factors are for variances in price however to obtain an accurate quote for your requirements please contact us here


Pest Control Routines


Every site and problem is unique but, an example rat and mice routine would include:

  • An agreed bait plan
  • Two routine visits per quarter 
  • Rodenticides and tamper proof bait boxes 
  • An updated report book left onsite for inspections 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Call outs and follow up visits that may arise outside of the routine schedule
  • Our professional qualifications and training
  • Mileage getting to and from your location


  • Area to be covered
  • Surrounding environment 
  • Extent of infestation
  • Type of pests
  • Complexity of solution


All of our pest control routines are based on 12 month rolling contracts. What that means is that once you are happy to sign up to an on-going routine, we are committed to working together for 12 months. After this period it will work on a quarterly rolling basis, meaning that unless either party signals to cancel the contract it will continue to run as agreed. After the 12 month period either party can give a quarter’s notice and the contract will be terminated. 


Ballpark costs for a pest management routine controlling and preventing against rat and mice invasion.

  • A restaurant or café £40-£60 per quarter 
  • A single farm site £75-£130 per quarter (Economies of scale exist for multiple farm sites)
  • A domestic house: £40-80 per quarter

Pest Treatments

As with our pest control routines every situation is different,


When pricing a one-off treatment, these are the key factors that will vary the quote price:

  • Area to be covered
  • Surrounding environment 
  • Extent of infestation
  • Type of pests
  • Urgency of solution
  • Number of estimated follow up visits 


Wasp nest removal cost  £60

The location of the nest will determine whether we use a quick freeze spray or a dust insecticide, the cost would cover either treatment plus the removal of nest, unless the nest is inaccessible

Mole removal costs - No mole no pay, guarantee!

An average garden with a mole problem would cost £60 to treat. A farm where a widespread issue will exist costs £40 for the first mole and £10 thereafter.

We would use traditional traps to treat the mole problem as they are the most humane and efficient solution. Laying the traps in the tunnel network on our first visit and then returning within the week to remove them. We are so confident of our success rate that we’re happy to offer a ‘no mole no pay’ offer to all of our customers. 

All prices are subject to VAT at 20% 

His original quote was spot on, which is pretty impressive considering he charges by the mole! He knew exactly where to place the traps and we are no longer experiencing a problem.
— Ian Wilson, Guthrie Interim services