Wasps are going in and out of an air vent on my house but I can’t see the nest can you help?

Yes a residual insecticide dust can be applied to the air vent and the wasps carry it into the nest which then destroys the wasp colony.

Birds are roosting on the roof of my house but I don’t want any harm to come to them, how can I get rid of them?

The parts of the roof they are roosting on can be fitted with bird spikes which stop birds landing and roosting.

Why is payment made quarterly for routines ?

It can be arranged to be taken monthly, however as standard it is set up quarterly with two routine visits taking place each period; 8 each year. 

Is it true if you have mice you don't have rats?

No, not necessarily, if there is enough food such as cereals they will quite happily live alongside each other. 

How often do you increase your prices? 

We try to minimise changes to our pricing however impacts outside our influence such as fuel, chemicals, bait, and labour can increase price over time. When signing a contract with us, we commit to keeping that price in place for a minimum of two years. 

Do we use humane traps?

Humane, means causing as little distress to the pest as possible and this is right at the heart of our business.  The poisons we use actually put the animal to sleep without causing pain or stress.  Live traps are available however, are far more expensive as they need to be monitored daily they also don't get rid of the problem as it is illegal to re-home a pest on someone else land. 

Is there a weekend call out charge?

No, we charge the same prices throughout the week. We've built our business on being there for our customers when they need us, so we don't believe we should pass on an extra cost to our clients. 



My house has been treated for rats or mice but I am still hearing them, why?

The anticoagulant poison that is used can take up to 5 days to work. It also may be that you have not found the source of your problem, a site visit would allow us to see the issue in question and advise any alternative methods.

I have rats in my garden but I am afraid my dog might get to the poison?

The poison is put in tamper proof bait boxes and are fixed down so non target species can’t get to the poison.

How do I know if you've caught the moles? 

As standard we offer to show you the moles caught as guarantee for work carried out successfully. 

What damage can mice or rats cause? 

They can cause a lot damage such as gnawing through water pipes or electrical wires leading to hazardous outcomes such a fires or flooding

Whats the difference between a clean up (one -off treatment) and a contract? 

A clean up is when we come in and get rid of the pest and then remove all bait boxes and treatment measures.  A Contract is when we clear -up the infestation, but then return regularly to ensure that the outbreak does not occur again. 

Can you kill seagulls? 

All birds are protected. Proofing measures such as spikes and nets must be used in the first instance.

 Why am I now getting moles? 

I would suggest there has either been a recent population increase in your area, or the soil quality has improved and is now housing a higher quantity of worms.