They seem to come from nowhere, one minute you spot one on the worktop counter, the next minute there are thousands! 

They send lone soldiers into the field hunting for food sources, sending electronic signals back to the colony to indicate its time to attack. 

They are more of nuisance than they are a disease carrier, although its worth considering what they’ve walked through to reach your site in question- not exactly what you want in a working kitchen or a busy hospital.

How to get rid of the problem

A few tips for getting rid of the army attacking your house or business.

  • Seal off the entry point, by following their route back to the colony
  • Make sure you clear residues on worktops and surfaces 
  • Remove or secure their food source- bins, open food containers

If you are still feeling under seige or you’d rather just have the problem dealt with at the root, get in touch and we’ll be with you as soon as we can. 

To stop the problem we would use insecticide spray or dust powder at the entrance route or nest site to eradicate your problem with immediate effect. Our training and qualifications mean that we can use insecticides that are stronger than those offered to the consumer market.