Bird faeces is infuriating, no sooner have you cleaned it up and they’re back in defecating the scene again!

Not only is unsightly, but if you let it build up it can cause lasting damage to buildings and signs which is not exactly the warm welcome that you want.

Pigeons and seagulls are the real nuisances and they can become a public health hazard, when nesting in the wrong location. Pigeons can breed all year round, and seagulls return year on year to the same nesting point, meaning your issue is unlikely to solve itself. 

How to get rid of birds

Our best tip is to prevent them in the first place, which means 

  • Clearing away rubbish 
  • Securing bins and their lids 
  • Removing access to potential nest sites 

Often in hard to reach locations, bird nest sites can be difficult to tackle on your own.  We use discreet, cost-effective solutions such as nets or spikes to remove access to the problem area and likely alternative landing sites. 

All birds in the UK are protected by the Wild life and countryside Act 1981, therefore removal is not always possible. However, in situations that air quality is being jeopardised, damage of property is being caused or public safety is at risk certain steps can be taken by a qualified person to remove them.