Wild Deer are a huge asset to Scotland and are one of our most iconic species. However, our milder winters have led to increased populations, which have costly repercussions if left to get out of control.

In large numbers they can devastate a crop or woodland area as they feed and groom themselves. They are adapting more to our human contact and are now often found taking advantage of fresh foliage from domestic gardens.

How do I get rid of my deer problem?

Excluding them from problem areas is first advised, putting in place high mesh fences of at least 1.5m. These fences will also need to be pinned to the floor to avoid the deer lifting them up and squeezing underneath.  Hedges can also be an effective barrier if strong enough to stop them getting through.

Shooting is the other recommended method however it must be carried out by a qualified personnel. Dalgetty Pest Control are fully trained deer stalkers and can provide a discreet and humane solution to an on-going problem.