How to tell if you have a mouse problem in your house

Mice are nocturnal, choosing to be active at night and remaining typically hidden from view during the day.  For this reason it’s often not a mouse sighting that indicates that you have a problem, so what signs should you look out for?

6 signs that you have a mice problem

Mouse droppings, dalgetty pest control Angus, Aberdeenshire
  • Scattered feaces
    Their droppings are small and dark in colour approximately 3-7mm in length.
  • Scratching noises
    At the dead of night when everything else is quiet, this is when you are most likely to hear them on the move. You’re most likely to hear them under floorboards, in walls, lofts and basements.
  • Strong smell
    There is no mistaking the smell of mouse urine, its like ammonia and it lingers in the air.
  • Footprints
     In environments such as lofts or basements where dust and dirt are present, you may find their dainty footprints or tail marks.
  • Mice
    If you find them alive during the daytime it’s actually more likely that you already have a heavy infestation. Finding a dead mouse especially if you've not got a cat is also a telltale sign - as how did it get there? 
  • Nests
    Mice shred materials from paper to insulation to line their nests, you may find evidence of their shredding lying around or a full nest creation particularly in warm locations such as lofts, cavity walls, airing cupboards etc

In particularly heavy infestations, where the problem has got out of hand you will also find grease marks around gaps in walls and urine pillars where the dirt and urine has built up.  

Where might I find mice?

You could find mice anywhere, but they will gravitate towards warm places. In a domestic setting you will typically find the rodents in lofts, walls, under floorboards, garages, sheds, log storages, behind cookers, fridges and tumble dryers.

If you think you have a mice problem in a commercial or agricultural environment click here for more information.

How to prevent mice infestations

There’s nothing worse than just getting into bed, snuggling down and then hearing the insistent patter of tiny, scratchy feet racing around in the ceiling above you, so what can you do to prevent it ?

Here’s our top tips for keeping your house mouse free

Sealed waste, pest control Angus
  • Keep foods in sealed containers
  •  Reduce clutter that could form hiding places for them
  • Clear up pet & bird feed, otherwise you’ll be keeping more than just them from hunger
  •  Seal your outdoor bins with lids, this includes your compost
  •  Consider putting bristle strips along the bottom of your exterior doors
  •  Keep drains and vents covered with grates to prevent entry

I have a mouse problem help!

If you find that you do have a mouse problem, the first thing to identify is where they are gaining access.  Block off these entry points with Duct tap or something more permanent. These gaps can be tiny due to their flexible skeleton, so even a couple of cm around a plug socket can be enough.

Dealing with the actual rodent, depends on where they are hiding. If for example they are hiding under floorboards or in cavity walls, you need to avoid bait boxes. This is because it takes a while for the rodenticides to take effect and you’ll find the smell of dead mice is a stench you’d like to avoid.  Getting rid of it will add more expense if you’ve got to lift carpet and flooring or make holes in the walls.  In this situation we would recommend using traps to get rid of your problem.

Dealing with one mouse is completely different from eradicating a family, in this situation it would be advisable to contact a pest controller. We service domestic and commercial environments across Tayside, Angus, and Aberdeenshire.


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Why its important to get rid of your mouse problem

They may look cute, however these little animals can be extremely destructive, especially behind walls and in ceilings. Mice and rats are one of the most common reasons for electrical fires starting due to their disregard for gnawing away on cables.

Ignoring a small mouse problem for even a month can lead to a scary infestation due to their rapid breeding.  We all know its an inconvenience however not dealing with it can be costly, if not fatal- please don’t leave it upto fate.