How do I get rid of my useless pest controller?

What do you do, if you are fed up of your existing pest controller?

There is nothing worse than handing over money reluctantly to someone who is providing a mediocre service. It leaves you feeling annoyed, not only at them but also with yourself for getting yourself into the situation in the first place.  So the question is how do you deal with it?

Reasons your current pest controller may be underperforming

Pest Control Expert
  • They don't show up on time/ regularly 

  • They don't do a complete job 

  • They are too expensive 

  • That are not producing the results that you expected 

  • Paperwork isn't kept upto date
  • They are being negligent with their pest control measures 

The cost of poor pest control

The cost of poor pest control can be huge, which is why it is so important to get a qualified expert in place.  If a pest infestation is left to get out of control it can be devastating and ruin a business either through damage to reputation or physical assets. Damage can be lurking behind walls or under floor boards only revealing itself when its too late. Mice for example have a compulsive need to gnaw in order to keep their incisor teeth worn down to a constant length. Electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging and wood work are all ideal surfaces- with many instances of electrical fires and floors being attributed to them. 

What you should you expect from a good pest controller

Expert knowledge

An expert pest controller should be able to advise you instantly on the pest inconveniences that you are experiencing, providing you with options on how to treat it and prevent it in future.  

Thorough site investigation
On initial call out and every visit following a through site investigation should be carried out. Pests spread easily and a good pest controller should be able to identify areas of concern even though the pest has perhaps not been spotted there yet.

Clear communication is important, especially in environments where compliance is essential.  With a regular pest control routine you should expect a log book that is kept upto date and left onsite. It should contain information on treatment dates, name of the technician, type of visit (Scheduled, follow-up, callout etc), pests found, action taken, pesticides used along with quantities used, location of baits and monitors within an outlined bait plan, risk assessments and recommendations for proofing, hygiene and storage.
Routines should have a regular schedule, with callouts or follow-up calls in addition if required. Our clients are usually set up with a regular schedule of two visits per quarter unless agreed otherwise.  

It is the duty of a pest controller to protect the health & safety of all members of public who may come into contact with operations. Children and non-target animals are a particular concern, baits and treatments need to be safely administered with layout and quantities of bait/pesticides monitored to minimise risk to health.  Correct disposal of chemicals post treatment along with any pest side effects such as bird feaces which is a highly toxic substance should be implemented with care.

Sensible pricing
There are some rogue traders that charge you through the nose, and others that get you in on a low price but then hike it up every year. Its worth getting few quotes if you are concerned about the price that you are being quoted, although the cheapest isn't always the best so make sure its backed up with some testimonials.  The price quoted should cover treatments, labour, mileage, training, insurances and paperwork documentation such as bait plans and risk assessments.( click here to see our pricing outline.) Quotes between sites will vary depending on factors such as the scale of the problem and size of the area to be covered.

Prevention Information
You don't want to be paying out for pest control treatment and then not putting prevention measures in place, it makes the whole process pointless and very expensive in most cases.  A good pest controller will provide you with recommendations to prevent infestations in future as part of the service, offering to implement them at an additional agreed cost. 

NPTA National Pest Control Association, City & Guilds Qualifications for PEst COntrol

As a minimum the British Pest Control Association states you should hold a Level 2 certificate in Pest Control, to show competence and duty of care regarding pest control and ensure it is kept upto date. David holds the safe use of aluminium phosphate for vertebrate pest control (LANTRA) and RSPH level 2 certificate in Pest control (British Pest Control Association). He also holds membership at the National Pest Technicians Association, which ensure he is kept up to date with developments in technology and legislation.  


What to do if your un-happy with your pest controller.

Speak to them

It sounds obvious, but many avoid it. Whether you feel that you're being overcharged, your technician isn't turning up when expected or you're not happy with the control level in place, speak to your contact and see how they could improve their service. 

Find yourself a new pest controller

Before rushing into a new agreement though, you'll need to have a look at your current contract. Most will have you tied in for a period of time and then run a rolling contract which will have a minimum notice period in place. Give the relevant notice to your existing supplier and then move to a new pest control service. In certain circumstances it may be that they are actually not adhering to their contract agreement, in which case the contract many not stand, I would suggest highlighting your issues, giving them the chance to improve within a certain timeframe, if this is not met I would suggest you may want to consider cancelling your agreement with immediate effect. 

If you'd like to discuss your pest control issues arrange a call back with David today.