Mice I can deal with, but rats... I'm calling in the professionals! A recent customer story.

Living in the country, Claire was used to dealing with mice it’s just one of those things that you get used to. However, she started to hear louder noises than usual coming from the attic and had not only seen rats on the road recently, but had also heard that a neighbour was experiencing a similar issue.

Claire’s husband would usually deal with the mice, but rats were a different story and they made her feel very uneasy. “ You think it is to do with cleanliness, which makes you feel embarrassed so you just want to get rid of them as quick as possible’

Claire used Google to find Dalgetty Pest Control, taking the time to browse other providers too. However, she explained that our website made her feel like she knew what she was getting from the start.

Claire got in touch by phone and knowing how shocked people get about rats, I was out as soon as possible. Initially I looked externally around the house and garden to see where they might be getting in, before making my way to the loft where the noises had been heard.  It was clear that there was an issue, but as I was keen to get to the root of the problem, I also popped round to the neighbours to inspect their property too (it’s a semi-detached house).

There are now bait boxes in position outside and traps within the house. Rats are neophobic which means that they are cautious about new things in their environment the knock-on effect is that it can take a while to overcome their natural instincts.  However on our second visit we caught one in a trap laid in the guttering (this was covered by gauze so as to protect non-target species from harm) and there was evidence that they'd started to take some of the rodenticide from the bait boxes laid outside.  Over the forthcoming weeks we’ll be providing repeat visits to Claire’s home until the issue has gone. We will also be providing prevention recommendations that will hopefully mean she can avoid the same issue in future.

David is so easy to communicate with, prompt and reliable
— Claire