Warehouse & Storage Facilities

We protect ourselves from obvious threats such as fire, water theft and vandalism but all too often pest control is an after thought, an expensive one at that. 

If an insect or animal has been able to infiltrate stored goods they can damage food stuff, raw materials or finished products making them unfit for consumption or use.

Depending on your storage facilities, products can be either fast moving or left for long periods of time, both are perfect for pests gaining access, making themselves at home and multiplying in number – your worst nightmare! 

While we can’t manage the products that are coming in and out of your premises we can support you with a proactive approach that will keep any pests to a minimum.  A regular routine would be our most likely recommendation allowing us to protect your stock and buildings by keeping a consistent pest control plan in place. 

A site visit will allow us to survey the area to be controlled allowing us to identify the high risk zones so that we can take a proactive approach to managing your pest concerns. 

The common pests we deal with in warehouse and storage facilities are Birds, Rats, Mice, and Insects but you can find a complete list of pests here.

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