Outdoor Sports Facilities

Above the ground or below, these pests are a pain and something you could live without. The damage costs are relentless whether it is cleaning, building maintenance or complaints from unhappy customers. 

It may seem easier to just keep cleaning up after them but its about as productive as a dog chasing its own tail. You’ll never catch up unless you get to the root of the problem.  

We don’t just put a pest control routine in place, we put you back in control, getting rid of all those unexpected costs. 

Initially we’ll pop round to survey your issues and then recommend proofing measures that will provide you with a long term preventative solution. Due to the scale of many sporting establishments though, be it a football stadium, golf course or bowling green it can be difficult to provide a proofing solution alone, so a regular routine would be put in place to keep the pests under control. 

The common pests we deal with in outdoor sports facilities are Birds, Rabbits, Moles, Mice, Rats, and Wasps but you can find a complete list of pests here.