Hospitality & Catering Facilities

The last thing you want is a rumour spreading. Whether you’re big or small it doesn’t matter, pests don’t discriminate and they prey on the unprotected. 

Our discreet service supports you to uphold HACCP regulations while also protecting the reputation you’ve built so hard to create. 

We can work around you, either providing routine visits in off peak times or during closed hours in order to give you the reassurance while also avoiding the public eye. 

If a pest is left to get out of control it can cause costly damage both to the building and your reputation, and with the world of social media it can spread in an instant.

Hospitality is a fast paced industry, with little time to spare for menial tasks such as pest control. Sadly we’ve seen it all too often, which is why we offer a simple protective care package, which is built around routine visits and evasion advice.

The common pests we deal with in hospitality and catering environments are Rats, Mice, Birds, Bed Bugs, Ants and Wasps but you can find a complete list of pests here.