Farms & Agriculture

You want to take care of it yourself, but there never seems to be enough time and now they’ve introduced regulations requiring you take training and exams. 

In an agricultural environment, we immediately think of rodents and the diseases that they can spread to livestock, but pests can also cause costly destruction to buildings, and potentially damage harvested food crops. 

Our first focus is prevention, taking action to stop pests taking up home in the first place. However due to the size and desirability of farms as a breeding ground a pest management routine is usually required.  

Rats and mice are the most common problem experienced in agricultural environments with a common treatment of rodenticides. Recently regulations have been brought in to protect non-target animals in the wider food chain, in particular raptors that may feed on poisoned rodents. 

You can choose to put yourself or your team through the training course and exam however this can be both time-consuming and costly to your reputation if responsibilities aren’t taken seriously. 

We work with farms across Angus, Mearns and Aberdeenshire providing reliable pest control that you can trust. It is our largest industry sector and is a reflection on our expertise, and customer experience giving you the peace of mind that your assets are protected.

The common pests we deal with in agricultural environments are Mice, Rats, Birds, Moles, Rabbits, and Deer but you can find a complete list of pests here

Pest control for Farms in Angus, Agriculture Aberdeenshire